2010 RMVQ

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Bill Martin, Rich Shattuck, Norman Singley, Aaron Baldwin, Ed Stalling, Garland Thayer, Dave Chenault, Alden Wright, Larry Dent, Lydia Larsen, Julie Huck, and Laurie Stalling

Missoula, MT  October 9th and 10th
Results: 2010 RMVQ
The Course: Garmin Connect
Length: 160 miles
Climbing:25,665 vertical feet of climbing

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2010 Pre Ride Roster:

  • Garland is looking to start at a top secret time but I am sure I will see him out on course.
  • Norman is looking to 2011 to do the RMVQ in it’s entirety but first he wants to knock off a big chunk this year. I am excited to see him out there.
  • Alden is going off an hour before me in hopes to stay out in front, hold me off, and pace Norman to his first aid station.
  • Larry is back after taking a year off and is stronger then ever. He is looking to go through to the Rattlesnake.
  • Aaron is tentative but is looking to ride with Ed and launch him to victory over the Sheep Leg.
  • Ed is starting at the Kona Bridge aid station and going large. By large I am talking about tentatively doing it all the way to the end of sheep. I hope he goes all the way.
  • Chad has told me he wants to do the Sheep Mountain Leg but is still tentative.
  • Lydia is definitely in for the final sunrise leg and quite possibly can be talked into a night leg which would be cool.
  • Laurie is gearing up for the final sunrise leg where we hope to have a dance party on top of University Mountain.
  • Julie’s big goal is just to wake up early enough to ride the final leg. We all hope and pray she makes it up ok. Anybody got some strong bean juice?
  • Rich is coming from Bozeman. Hopefully his knees have repaired since the PH100. An original RMVQ member and alumni.
  • Dave has just decided to ride this year in his waining days here in Missoula.
  • Me … thinking of going for record time even though we have more climbing and a little longer then last year.