2013 RMVQ

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Grave Range | Snow Bowl | Sheep | Mit Tower | Alp Turah | University


Distance: 157.59 mi
Time: 36:26:23
Avg Speed: 4.3 mph
Elevation Gain: 31,093 ft


Bill Martin – 157.59 miles in 36:26:23 [Blue Mountain to Maurice and South]
Aaron Baldwin – 72+ miles in 10:45 [Blue Mountain to Rattlesnake] *Started at home
Norman Singley – 72 miles in 11:ish [Blue Mountain to Rattlesnake]
Ed Stalling – 40+ miles in 7:ish [Kona Bridge to Snow Bowl AFrame then home] *Started at home
Laurie Stalling – 40+ miles in 7:ish [Kona Bridge to Rattlesnake] *Started at home
Ted Toporkov – 31.7 miles in 4:39 [Rattlesnake and back] *Mechanical
Julie Huck – 4ish miles [Treasure Trail to Finish] *Rode from home
Mo Mislivets – 4ish miles [Rattlesnake loop and MoZ finish]

Special thanks to everyone who came out to the halfway party, cooked great grub,  and hula hooped with us. Blog you later …o/o

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