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The name of this quest was called Bill’s Vision Quest and then Mule Terra Vision Quest. It became “Remember Marcy Vision Quest” after my pet’s death August 31st, 2008. I feel the need to do something in the honor of a great animal, an awesome spirit, my buddy who has climbed almost every high point in New England and New York.

LENGTH: 153 – 161 miles
CLIMBING: 20,000 – 36,000 vet feet
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Movie: Bike-packing the RMVQ

She had a certain athletic spirit which should be celebrated. Even in Montana Marcy was first to the top and out in front on every epic journey. Her energy rides with all who will try to ride the RMVQ.

The quest is simple. It is not a race but a proposed route to challenge one to go further then one thinks they can. What is nobler than a person who finds and follows a meaning, a  higher purpose for life? To find a reason to live, learn, discover, more importantly, to be free! Marcy did.

UPDATE (9/6/12):: While this challenge is only a proposed one and without rules there must be some sort of guidelines as to keep track of historical general classification.

  1. Any determined cyclist may challenge the RMVQ at any time, in the direction and order of my proposed route to qualify for the RMVQ historical general classification GC.
  2. All attempts are intended to be solo, self-timed, and observed as one stage, i.e., one’s clock runs non-stop. The previous sentence does not mean it cannot be ridden together, only that each person has their own solo journey. There are no required checkpoints or designated rest periods on the route. The challenge is complete upon arrival at Maurice and South (Bottom of the MoZ trail as it enters town).
  3. Supported and unsupported. I am keeping track of records in two divisions. Supported is an all-out time trial where the rider uses others to achieve the shortest time. Unsupported is done without support. While I do not want to get into the micro definition, if there is one, of what “support” is I can make a general guideline. If you want to go for an unsupported record you must carry a sleeping bag, bivvy or tent, a way to feed yourself, and a water filter. It is up to you to determine what support is.  Personally, if you get water from someone on the route that water must be available to all participants.