2009 RMVQ

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Laurie Riding Down University Ridge
Laurie Riding Down University Ridge

Bill Martin, Julie Huck, Bob Skogley, Garland Thayer, Ed and Laurie Stalling, Alden Wright.

LENGTH: 151.97 miles
CLIMBING: 20,722 feet
START: officially 10am (Garland started at 10:30am)
FINISH: officially 10am (last rider Bill Martin 8:49am)
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Leg 1 Blue Mountain Rec Area Parking Lot to Blue Mountain Fire Tower (CP1): I took off from the Blue Mountain Recreation Area Trailhead at 10 a.m. sharp and I rode up the trail with zest thinking that I would climb strong and feel great until darkness where I would assess my desire to go on.

Leg 2 Grave Creek Range Growler: A beautiful day and easy pace provided me with a great sense of happiness. Ahh, the Carbo Rocket was kicking in. Garland caught up at Check Point 2

Leg 3 Dry Gulch Downhill: Garland and I bombed the downhill and meet up with Julie and Bob to ride to the first aid station.

Leg 4 Roller Coaster: Before taking off from the first aid station Julie got stung by a bee. the problem was that she is allergic.

Leg 5 Snow Bowl A Frame Hut: Garland started to slow down so I set my own pace. I was having a great time and it seemed the more I rode the happier I became.

Leg 6 Bear grass Highway, Ravine, Rattlesnake: Racing the sunset to the Rattlesnake I encountered many many blow downs on the bear grass highway. Took a while to climb over all of them.

Leg 7 Woods, Sidewinder Family: A big barbeque was waiting for me at the Rattlesnake parking lot. Fantastic time this year. Garland came in strong to finish his day.

Leg 8 Mit Tower: Alden rides with me and surprisingly enough changes my mood from dread to a fun comfort zone. the pace was slow but it was just what I needed.

Leg 9 Woody, Swinging Bridge: Alden is still with me and finishes the leg strong but very cold. His night is  over and mine continues.

Leg 10 Clinton Express: Time warp, took me forever but it seemed like just an hour. I was wondering if Ed could make it out to Clinton to the next aid station in time. In reality it took me over two hours. Weird.

Leg 11 Holloman Saddle: Long, long, long climb and as I hammer out the vertical feet I see a vehicle way off in the distance lost on the back roads. Turns out it is Ed who took a wrong turn. He found me just in time at Holloman Saddle. We were having a great time.

Leg 12 Miller Peak Ridge to Pattee Canyon: Laying back pays off, or is it the chocolate, curry soup? Whatever the reason I feel like I just started out and have the best leg of the journey so far. It was cool with the snow storms and then later rain.

Leg 13 University Beacon: Julie and Laurie are late because I arrived at the checkpoint about 45 minutes earlier then expected. It is evident that the early morning hours are my fastest.

Leg 14 Hidden Treasure Finale: Beautiful sunrise service with my good friends Julie and Laurie who do the last two legs with me. When it was all over we hot the customary breakfast stop at the Uptown Diner.


Check Point Leg
Bill Martin Garland Thayer Alden Wright Julie Huck Laurie Stalling
CP 1 Blue Mountain Fire Tower 11.31 11.31 1:37(1:37)
CP 2 Grave Creek Range 8.92 20.23 1:25(3:02) ?(2:25)
CP 3 Dry Gulch 12.51 32.74 1:03(4:05) 1:05(3:30) 8Miles(1hr)
CP 4 Point Six Road Gate 14.87 47.61 1:18:(5:23) 1:18(4:48)
CP 5 Snow Bowl Hut 7.94 55.55 1:30(6:53) 1:35(6:23)
CP 6 Rattlesnake Parking Lot 17.89 73.44 1:39(8:32) 1:50(8:13)
CP 7 Top of Two Larch 2.83 76.27 :41(8:55)
CP 8 Lincoln Hills Trailhead 4.8 81.07 :58(9:43)
CP 9 Top of Mit Tower 6.52 87.59 1:33(11:16) 1:35(1:35)
CP 10 Swinging Bridge 10.78 98.37 :57(12:13) :57(2:32)
CP 11 Schwartz Creek Bridge 15.23 113.6 2:09(14:22) [2.5m]:12(2:42)
CP 12 Hollomans Saddle 10.56 124.16 1:45(16:07)
CP 13 Pattee Canyon 17.65 141.81 2:59(19:06)
CP 14 University Beacon 4.6 146.41 1:33(20:39) 1:34(2:34) 1:34(1:34)
Finish in Town 5.56 151.97 :40(21:19) :40(3:14) :40(2:14)