Amazing Things

“there is likely to be many amazing things right in front of us that we just haven’t taken the time to see”, my friend Paul wrote to me today.


Taking time to see the amazing scenery at Blue Mountain  just before I meet a group of Missoula Thursday Night Ride participants.


Taking time to see the amazing moon over Missoula after I left the group to set out on my own to reflect.

“We are not into any more climbing and just want to bust out of here”, a group of 4 new riders told me at the bottom of a rocky decent.

“That’s OK, just follow this trail and you will come right out on a rode and then take a left”

I rode up the climb alone.  As I topped the last incline I was greeted by the city lights below and the silvery moon shinning over head. Then it hit me, I felt alone. It was overwhelming as I stood witnessing the beauty before me.  I took time to reflect on an amazing friend I have become accustom to riding with.

I shook off my feelings and headed down the decent. I thought back to the RMVQ as I descended into Pattee Canyon for my last aid stop. As I carved through the night I took the time to reflect on the amazing leg 6 of the RMVQ.

Just as I was finishing up leg 5 of the RMVQ I worried that no one would be in time for my last leg. Last year when I came in early I had to wait 30 minutes for the crew to show up. This year it was to cold to be waiting around and I was thinking of just busting through without stopping.

But my worries were meaningless because as I approached the parking lot of upper Patte Canyon, cheers erupted and I was greeted by numerous friends. I stepped of my bike and Dave grabbed it to lube the chain. Julie was there with Laurie. Norman showed up with Lydia. Dave offered me some food but I couldn’t eat.  I just had to pause and take time to realize what amazing friends I have.

And I did the last leg with some good company.


Taking time to reflect on new friends helping me achieve my quest.

Taking time to reflect on a dead companion.


Taking the time to reflect on the amazing place that I live in.

Taking time.


This place is amazing.

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