Grave Range Growler

It was the second time I had been in the Bridge Pizza in 2 days. Today I was leaving its warm confines to try a Mandarin Orange Black Sesame ice cream at the Big Dipper. After that it was back to the Green hanger to complete “chores” by folding my laundry. As I walked along the sidewalk enjoying an extremely great flavor of ice cream I started thinking back to 2 days prior. It was my annual RMVQ and at 9 a.m. I embarked with some friends to compile 160 miles of dirt goodness. The first leg was the Grave Range Growler.

The first leg of the RMVQ was from Blue Mountain to Kona Bridge via the Grave Creek Range. Ross Brown showed up to cheer us on and Bob Skogley drove myself and my gear out. Garland showed up to start with me.

Garland and I started together and stayed together until the first check point. We talked about current events, Butte 100, and my latest love affliction. The fog was low in the valley and the views were great. The Larches were turning and made for beautiful Fall scenery.

At the first check point we met up with Alden, Norman, and Larry who were just heading down the ridge as we climbed to the check point.

From check point 1 to check point 2 I started to get into my zone do what I needed to do. Garland faded behind me in time and I rode into that place endurance people need to be to endure.

After check point 2 I crossed a section that used to be a road but now was a hillside completely tore up from logging. It was about 1/8 mile of downed trees and overturned soil. The road was gone and a graded slope took its place. I will have to re-route for next year. Already have some ideas.

The rest of the leg was mostly down hill and I just let it rip. I almost crashed numerous times fiddling with my camera. I need to make a decision to either document, socialize, or race this route hard.

Check pint 3 was missing so next year I will take that one out and add Kona Bridge. I arrived at Kona Bridge 3:58 later in 37 miles. Not exactly the fastest I have ever done the Grave Range Growler.

My mind snapped back to the task at hand. I folded my laundry and went home. There is more time to think about the rest of the RMVQ later. To digest it and to come to grips with what went down later late at night.

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