Sunday Mourning Shit Show or SMSS is something Mo and I came up with today.  I needed something to toughen me up for the  Togwotee Winter Classic.

Stage 1 :: Urban Snow Biking – Carriage Way to “M” Parking Lot. Mostly un eventful and even if I could of seen the sun rise I was mostly in the trees and on city walking paths. I checked in at the Rattlesnake Creek check point to post the required twitter update and was on my way the the next stage which included a mountain run up Sentinel.

Stage 2 :: Mountain Climbing – Mount Sentinel.  I left the Mukluk in the parking lot and once on my home made crampons I jetted up the mountain like a deer.  Well … if deer puke.  I did 25 sprints at 30 seconds a piece. One passerby said, “it’s a cold morning to be doing sprints” … as his dog added to the conversation by licking my leg.  Soon enough, just like many times before, I summited and headed out for the next stage which took me down via Hellgate Canyon  and Kim Williams trails.

Stage 3 :: Trail Running – Hellgate Canyon Decent. This leg could have been called the “keep you ankles from breaking on the icy post holes” stage.  I managed to stumble down 2,000 feet of ice and uneven trail conditions.  As I approached the end of the stage I was attacked by a dog which may or may not have been part of the race.  A stage including a technical special section called “avoid the gnashing teeth of a mad dog”.  After surviving the ordeal I was on to the next section of Snow Bike Climbing.

Stage 4 :: Snow Bike Hill Climb – Crazy Canyon. The slowest leg in the adventure it took me well over a hour to climb up to near the saddle between Mount Sentinel and University Mountain. The challenge during this stage was extreme balance and concentration needed to nail a skinny sliver of packed trail in the canyon.  I successfully navigated all the trails and was poised for the next and dangerous sage. I put on all my clothes just in case I would crash and need extra layers. Not only to absorb shock but to keep me warm untill help arrived.

Stage 5 :: Snow Bike Downhill – The Gut Trail. Slated as the fastest stage this one pitted my urge to grab a handful of brake against the required “no brake” rule to engage my reaction time and test my technical skills. For me I felt this was the most fun and rewarding part of the adventure. Reports coming in to headquarters were cautioning against ice. I don’t know if my extreme speed blurred my vision or if there was simply no ice but I had’nt a difficulty one. Soon I was nearing the start / finish area to engage the final stage on Carriage Way.

Stage 6 :: Feats of Strength – A core session. I blazed through the core section once I learned the finish line was near and I could smell the tasteful delights awaiting my arrival at the finish line. I was able to finish it all up at 5 hours and sat down to a nice plate of Bangers and Indian Curry Soup.

I would like to thank my one and only supporter who waited diligently at home for me to “get my fix”.

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