2009 – 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Solo Championships


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Canmore, Alberta Canada
The Riders:
Just a few folks from around the world.
The Record: 178.56 miles and 33,660 vert.ft. (new personal best)
The Course: Canmore Nordic Center 9.92 miles with 1,870 feet of climbing per lap
My Crew: Bob Waggoner, Sten Hertsens, and Rich Shattuck

Below is a time line but I can only say that it was my best friend that tells this story (sorry folks, Vermont Sports took it down [Paul’s doc]) the best.  Thanks Paul Bardis.

Lap 1

Panic, went out way to fast but was not that fast as others were posting faster times. After one lap I was in 8th place even though I averaged 17 miles per hour on a course that featured 9.92 miles each lap with 1,870 feet of climbing.  I was over 5 minutes back from the leader. looking back I should of never got so discouraged but I did.

Lap 2

Bill in middle of pack after lap 1. Very poor network access. Some pics at Paul’s Blog


Tony Hogg was ripping it up and leading the race 7 minutes ahead of me. I posted a 58:47 minute lap. Trying to get my heart rate down is a hard thing to do and even more so when competitors are pulling away from you. My pit takes under 20 seconds but started taking on small water bottles. The heat would require large water bottles. This race was crazy and I was losing control but still managed to jump up to 7th.

Lap 3

7th, 7 minutes away from Leighton Poidevin in 6th. We were now 21 minutes away from the lead and it was now that I realized that I should just settle down and take my place in the “pretenders” department. I could not match a world championship pace. 1 hour and 2 minutes, the heat had taken its toll.

Lap 4

I was getting large bottles now but my nutrition was not going down well. I was using a mixture of canola oil and Perpetuem but for some reason all the Perpetuem was staying in the flask and I was slugging pure canola oil. I quit taking in nutrition and just depended upon Carbo Rocket.  I had moved back to 8th with a 1 hour 6 minute lap. I was dying fast and it was only 4:06 PM.

Lap 5

5:14 PM I moved back to 7th, 12 minutes behind Dallas Morris. Really I didn’t care and was just trying to survive. I finally got my heart rate to a reasonable zone and kept it light going up some of the extreme climbs. At least the course was fun. I was 40 minutes down on Tony Hogg who was setting a blistering tempo.

Lap 6

Riding in 7th place, 15 minutes out of 5th. Having tech difficulties with updates – sorry. Roving reporter Paul is sending updates from hotel room. Pit crew cooked brats for late lunch.


I began to wonder if I was going to get lapped and when I did would know my chances of doing well were vanishing. It was 6:20 PM and I slipped back to 8th just 40 seconds from Corey Wallace who passed me earlier. I posted a 1 hour and 5 minute lap which meant I was starting to recover from the nutrition problems. How long could Carbo Rocket get me?

Lap 7

Well over 6 hrs in – Bill is on 7th lap wearing the pain cape! Very hot day! One rain storm did come through to cool things off.


Posted a 1 hour 7 minute lap and the pit was telling me 8th. I was noticing that I really better take in some calories or perish. I started feeling weak and it looked like it would rain. At least it got cooler.

I was starting to feel miserable now and it was 7:28 PM. Jason English had just taken the lead from Tony Hogg and they were just 10 minutes or so from lapping me.  I was trying to enjoy myself but I felt like I was letting everyone down. The worst part is that I never shook it and pushed myself like I usually do. Maybe I gave up mentally way too early.

Lap 8

This being my first 24 solo race at this level EVER started to show. I was mentally out of it and starting to waver in the single track. I was 8th at 8:36PM, 2 minutes from Dallas. 30 seconds out of the pit Jason English came through about to lap me.

Lap 9

View more videos of Bill at www.northcountryfamily.blogspot.com8:44 pm Bill finished Lap 8 after 8:36:09 of time. He was eight places from the lead at that time.”


I got lapped, enough said. It killed me. I wept and fell apart posting a 1 hour 10 minute lap. Still in 8th I caught up to a pitting Dallas. I think we were both crushed.

Lap 10

I regained 7th place and rode a 1 hour and 17 minute lap, the wind CLEARLY out of may sails. I started to experience sickness and things just got worse. At times it seemed like I was dreaming. Once I walked past a wreckage with medics swarming the fallen rider. It did not look good.

Lap 11

“Pain hits a lot of solo riders during lap10. Bill too was feeling sick and not doing well. Lap 11 he was getting back to a good place!”


12:43 AM still in 7th, 3minutes behind Corey Wallace.  Still churning out half assed laps. Looking back I should of found a way to keep up these moderate paced laps. If I would have I would of made the podium. But that would melt away as I got dizzy and started passing out.

More carnage. The race was held in the woods until we could find a path to walk around a section where a rider fell and it was serious, a possible broken neck.

Lap 12

“After 12pm Bill started lap 12. Moved to just H2O and cantaloupe. 7th position, 7 minutes behind 5th. 12+ hrs, 100+ miles, 18,000 ft!!!

Bill now on lap 12. Beautiful night.. the stars are incredible!

Bill still in 7th place .. despite a very tough 10th lap. He puked numerous times and passed out in the woods. But.. he made some food changes, started eating again, and seems to have come around a bit. He is hurting.. but coherent.

It’s 1am.. and FINALLY we have working wireless access! Big thanks to Roving Reporter Paul for sending updates from downtown canmore!”


1:39 lap ending at 2:16 AM, 7th 9 minutes behind Dallas Morris, past Cory Wallace. Tony Hogg is in the medic tent after being plucked off the course.

Lap 13

“The course is HARD! Lots of tight, twisty turns through the trees. Bursty climbs and rooty sections. Unfortunately, lots of reports of injured riders. Announcer Kevin keeps warning everybody to be safe and ride smart.

Bill now on lap 13. He is suffering incredibly but riding well. He gained some ground on the competition & had faster lap than race leader.”


1:33 lap at 4:07 AM, 7th 20 minutes behind Dallas. I was now just a lap behind Tony Hogg but was not conscious enough to realize I could take over 6th place.

Lap 14

“His diet is now apples, cantaloupe, and lots of dirt. Pit crew diet: coffee, beaver buzz, and more coffee. Uh.. I should clarify: beaver buzz. The Canadian guys across pit row left us with a case of some local energy drink. NOT a reference to.. well.. you know.”

“Unfreakinbelievable. The accumulated suffering of my entire life doesn’t seem to hold a candle to what bill has been tru in the past 3 hrs.”


1:50 lap at 5:38 AM, 7th 30 minutes behind Dallas. Same lap as Tony Hogg but started passing out in the woods. This lap seemed to take a week.

Lap 15

“Pit crew: “Bill.. how are you feeling?” Bill: “I’m seeing lots of black spots” Improvement! He now responds to our questions!!

Daylight starting to emerge here in Canmore. The witching hours have past.Bill now on lap 15 and securely in 7th. 40 mins ahead of 8th place. He left pits with Marcy’s ashes and will pay his last respects in the Canadian rockies. .. a sign that he is driven & thinking clearly.

Paul and I just spent 1hr driving around ALL of Canmore at 4am looking for cantaloupe. Bill ran out of ‘loupe and could eat NOTHING else!”


1:30 lap at 7:09 AM, 6th 21 minutes behind Dallas. Tony Hogg is out and I took over 6th place. This rejuvenated me to try and pick up the pace again. I spread Marcy’s ashes by stopping on a bridge near the end and posting her pic to the railing. I also posted the ashes to the air. No one came by for like 5 minutes and I felt alone with her spirit. She said, “woof woof woof”, which means get on and ride, finish it.

Lap 16

Crazy Larry is cracking me up! Bill just pulled out a SCREAMIN lap 15! So fast we missed him at the feed zone! Where did THAT come from? As I get more and more tired, my faux Canadian accent gets thicker and thicker.

We are in SERIOUS Griz country. What does Sten bring for pit food? Yea.. Sardines and Tuna. Nice.

In photos: @boneshakerbike. Action wipes from @marthavan! Thank you! Mr. Thirsty (aka @solobobw).

THIS JUST IN! Bill has moved into 6th place. Just 37 minutes out of 5th!!!


1:31 lap at 8:45 AM, 6th 32 minutes behind Dallas but ran out of cantaloupe. I was too far gone from not eating and had abandon all good things for me during the night because I was sick. Survival mode from here on out.

Lap 17

“Bill finishes lap 17 at 10am. 41 ahead of 7th, 35min behind 5th. We don’t know yet if Bill will need to go out for lap 19 to defend 6th.”


1:35 lap at 10:13 AM, 53 minutes behind Dallas and there was no way of catching him. The harder I tried to ride to catch up the slower I seemed to get. I was nearly to the end.

Lap 18

“It’s gunna be tight folks!! (deep breath…)

It’s official!! Bill defends his position! A big congrats for his 6th place at the 24solo World Championships!! Bill now has 1hr 48min to ride the last couples miles of the course!”


1:27 lap at 11:45 AM, 72 minutes from 5th place Dallas and this lap was a modest one just to finish out the event. Ended up in 6th and beaten to a pulp.

Other Details

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