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My piece of solitude

This trail is not new to me. On the contrary it is a old friend. I needed to get in some single track skills and this is what came to mind first. After the usual “behind the neighborhoods” trail prolog I spun my way quietly up a icy road. Suddenly a plow truck, a private one, came thundering by me almost putting me into a snow bank. They were plowing that private drive where the rich and famous live. I was on the road leading up to their actual road but the attitude and complete disregard for me as a road user gave me a moment of anger. I felt like that old moose a couple weeks ago looking back as if to say, “What the hell do you think you are doing on my piece of solitude”?

But my moments of anger passed with every revolution of the crank. I slowly made my way up to the top of the trail we call “mandatory single-track” and pulled my Mukluk over to grab a drink.

Soon I was bombing down some sweeping turns clinching hard to the wide handlebars of my snow bike. My mission was to ride the trail without any brakes.  Sort of work on my skills.  The season will be here soon and with it comes the increased summer speeds of racing.  I needed to get used to trees whizzing just inches past my ears.

It all turned out well and I came ripping into the trailhead parking lot after my run.  A couple cross country skiers looked up and scowled but it was too late; no chances I could get annoyed now. I just had a morning wake up ride screaming wildly through the trees and nothing could change that.

I finished up the ride back to where I started dreaming of the big snow bike race this weekend. Why Big?

It is a new sport to me and one that requires patience and anti-power. Power will kill a snow biker. To snow bike effectively you must just gently progress and just let the pedals drop.  Any effort wasted would mean a certain bonk later on.

It is also big because to me everything is big, I enter a race and it becomes big. What the hell is the Tour de France?  Can’t be as big as the Togwotee Winter Classic … right?

And it is the end of my winter maintenance training.  I am peeking and ready to go into training for the 2012 season.  What flavor is yet to be determined. I hope I make up my mind soon.

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