Wanting to be there

I am looking up into two tall trees and something I read comes back to me as if the internet webpage was right before my eyes. The words mirror my feelings. OK, so maybe I cant remember it exactly so I felt the need to go home and post it in my next blog.

As I sit here refreshing the 2012 Iditarod Invitational web page I can t help but wish I was somewhere else. Yentna Station to be exact.  Enduring with all the other people struggling against the races most challenging weather ever. I have been on my snow bike numerous times, 600 miles worth to be exact, but only a handful of experiences have given me the taste of what must be going on out there. And now the poem rings some sort of bell in my soul.

4 thoughts on “Wanting to be there

  1. Your post includes my entire piece of copyrighted work. You did not seek permission to use it. Please remove my work immediately. You will be reported for plagiarism.

  2. Plagiarism … that’s a big word. Are you sure you know what it means? I replaced your beautiful work in my blog with your ignorant angry comment. Good day … I bet your a teacher that pulls on kids ears aren’t you? Who ever it is your referring to please report me. This should be fun. Come get me plagiary police.

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