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Lolo Peak Area Today

My friend Alden Wright and I have teamed up this weekend to snowshoe up a East ridge of Lolo Peak. Today is a sunny day and should prove to be perfect for Peak pictures. We will not attempt the entire summit because the journey is too long since we can not get to the trailhead due to snow conditions this time of year. See the map for details.

UPDATE: Posted a gallery of the event over here.

The week in review, well let’s get the bad news out of the way. Win-Dixie, MARS biggest customer has filed bankruptcy. What does this mean, I don’t know but there are talks at work to find other jobs. This is really distressing to me since I really like working there. I was hoping to make myself a regular employee and make a little more money to support my new life here in Missoula. I hope my higher power has me in mind.

Love the job. I have been coding in PHP and have developed some great applications. This is the first job that i would do for free.

Hike a day for 31 days done now a run a day for 31. Last week i completed my hike a day campaign for 31 straight days. I am rested up from a week of inactivity and now am ready for my running phase of springtime fitness. I need it too, last night I noticed that i gained some inches around my waist and have also gained weight. That is bad news for someone that loves to climb.

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