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Back From Lolo Peak Ridge

Last Saturday my friend Alden and I took a snow shoe up the East Ridge of Lolo Peak. We drove up the access road from the East until the snow was to deep. Apparently we hiked across Tom McClay’s property because a mile or so from the State Forest Boundary his thugs drove up on snow machines to give us a little intimidation talk.

Apparently ol Tom might have taken his snow cat up into the national forest when there was a lot of snow and now they are having trouble getting it out. Well, that is my take on it and I have taken a couple pictures to prove it.

Alden and I did not reach any real heights but we did go to a pretty high spot on the ridge before turning back. It was pretty exhausting given the distance of the approach to the real climbing.


Total Miles This Month: 80.24 miles
Total Miles This Year: 127.44 miles
Total Climb This Month: 1,011.5 feet
Total Climb This Year: 1,121.5 feet

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