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Lolo Peak Area Again Today

I was up all night sick but this morning I feel a little better thanks to Excedrin. Today I am going on a walk up Mormon Peak and then as far as I can get up the North Ridge of Lolo Peak. (See map for details) I am taking Marcy and we will leave here around 9 AM.

The week in review includes pictures from last week and a visit from my aunts and uncles. Last Tuesday I took a long lunch to meet up with my Aunt Paula and Wanda and my Uncles as well. we met at 3Ds or 4Ds, I cant remember. It was nice to see them all and to chow down on a big ol mushroom burger. My Aunt Wanda also dropped off a care package which included three thousand tons of groceries. It will take me a while to eat all that. Maybe I can save enough grocery money to get a hair cut. Or was the car! Or even get gas! Oh the possibilities!

This Friday I got some interest in my pictures from last week. It started when I sent a picture to The Friends of Lolo. They then forwarded it to all the media, which in turn hounded me all Friday for pictures and comments on what happened up there.

My official statement is this. Alden and I went snowshoeing. We were stopped by Tom Mclain’s workers and warned to ask permission the next time we came up. We saw a snow grooming machine on National Forest Service lands as well as logging activity. I took pictures. End of story!

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