Lolo Peak again

[image]Last week Marcy and I attempted to go up the the Carleton Ridge from Mormon Peak but after 6 miles and a “snow too deep” dead-end, we turned around. The adventure was a 12 mile that took us 9.5 hours. I was disjointed because I didn’t even gain the ridge.

Today has no expectations as I try one of the shortest (7 miles, one way) routes to the summit of Lolo Peak. I want to leave Marcy behind for this one as last weekend she was over extended. But I think it was something she ate so she will do this hike with me again this weekend. I am afraid that the last climb might be too much for her. If it is I will not continue, possibly.

As usual the map is online and today I expect to do the Mill Creek to Lantern Ridge Route. It is supposed to rain for the first time in over a week so maybe this trip wont even get off the ground.

Your Thoughts

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