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Daisy to Lulu Passes

Saturday, our goal was to go up Daisy Pass and come down Lulu Pass.

And that’s what we did. It was a great loop and included some amazing wildflowers up on the passes. And a pretty snowy but rocky downhill coming back.

One thing to note was a run-in with a couple four-wheelers. This young boy on a four-wheeler tried to run down Mo and intimidated her. But as they turned around to head back she caught up with him, jumped in front of him, and gave her gave him hell.

Was quite extraordinary high tension and really stressful.

I have 8 photos added to the 2020 album

What did you do on this day, July 16th?

Apparently back in 2001 I was realizing Connecticut wasn’t that bad. Then in 2003 I was changing my mind.

By 2007 I was back in Montana doing the Thompson Park Race.

I have a post about a Thursday night ride going up point six in 2010.

Reflecting in 2012.

In 2013 we did a West Boulder Trip.

In 2014, I was having problems with photography but by 2015 Mo and I was back at it with a Wednesday night ride out at Bear Lake in which turned out to be a quagmire.

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