Combining Shit

Today, I’m thinking about combining shit.

We are out on an evening walk. And recently I have gotten into the habit of putting so much stuff on my calendar I combine things even during my walks. For instance, I just thought to myself okay. I’m on a walk. I might as well combine my daily exercises into this, right?

Like, stop! Find a big rock and do Turkish get-ups. Stuff like that. Heck, why not answer emails? And do some work-related items. I think this has to stop and I need to enjoy one thing at a time. Otherwise, I’m just going to get bent out of shape again.

“Like Friday”?

Suddenly realizing I was talking out loud and my partner chimed in.

“uh, yea, perfect example”, referring to a blowup when my phone stopped working.

Actually, you know, what’s funny? I’m walking and blogging now, haha.

Your Thoughts

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