Evening Ride

Today I’m posting pictures of a recent trip into the Beartooth. https://ridewithgps.com/trips/52011470. I think the pass is Daisy and that evening after adventuring all day we did an after dinner spin on our bikes. After dinner spin is funny because what happened was we biked all the way at the top of Daisy pass. So I have two photos for that and posted them in my 2020 album https://photos.app.goo.gl/NbvTXTi6a8uSdu7x6.

Reflecting on this day, July 15thhttps://williammartin.com/0000/07/15/

  • 2003 I was getting caught up from a trip to Alaska.
  • 2004 I was self reflecting after watching an emotional movie.
  • 2005 I was working for adventure cycling and taking pictures of one of their cycle Montana events.
  • 2006 I am contemplating a race and catching up with my friends
  • 2008. I learned that trails are being shut down in Montana.
  • 2009 I was tapering and catching up with friends 2010. I was riding a lot and in
  • 2012. I was running into private property and then in
  • 2016 I was on day three of a Hilgard Basin trip with my Love Mo.

Your Thoughts

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