West Boulder

Heading into the Absoroka

It was day 3 on the West Boulder River and a day after our bike ride up to the Nurses Lakes and Baker Mountain Saddle. In the morning I got out early for an epic ride so I was not worried if I lounged around all day in the hammock.

West Boulder River

Mo would have none of it and soon we had an adventure plan for the day. We would take a break from what is called “Bill Riding”. Rides that somehow end up hiking a bike up mountain meadows and pretending like it is fun. And by mid afternoon we were off. Headed up West Boulder and into the Absaroka Wilderness. And just to get to the wilderness faster we road our bikes and stashed them.

Interesting Limestone Caverns

Although it started to rain .. then pour, it was a pretty cool hike. And a great adventure even though our plans to find the Hidden Lakes was foiled by a trail that did not even exist. Up the West Boulder Valley it was very pretty however. We discovered limestone cliffs and some raging water features. Even a yippy little mutt that some dink-berries decided to take on their camping trip. I mean who takes a lap dog into the wilderness? Right!

West Boulder River

So we made up stories about how a griz or a cougar comes out and bites the head of that little mut. The dam thing even bit at Mo. Should of stomped it. And that was that. We were out in time for some brat eating and bird watching tin the afternoon. A little side adventure in a grand bunch of days off.

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