Barb-wire Fence
Barb-wire Fence
Once as a child I found myself hanging upside down at night. My head was 4 inches off the ground. I tried using my hands to push myself up and unhook the barbs that were stuck into me inches above my knee. That was all that was holding my body weight, just a couple of barbs stuck into my skin. It felt like it was going to rip my leg to shreds so i used my hands to elevate some of the pressure.

It all started with an innocent game of hide and seek. And I was not familiar with the layout of my step brothers yard. how was I to know they put barbed wire around the garden? When I headed to the corn patch that summer evening I was running full-bore. That is until I was stopped and hung upside down by an invisible source. It took me a while to figure out what happened.

I wanted to scream but to do that in front of my step brother and his other friends would mean I was a total wuss. But soon enough my biological father was there to lift me off. Bleeding I went into the house for inspection.

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