Procrastination Distractions

One only has so much willpower. We all have a s*** ton of stuff to do every day. For me, I create a list and try to get through it. But then there is today. Everything is a distraction. At dinner, I sit down to eat but then I find myself taking pictures of some flowers for about an hour. Reviewing, getting different angles. What the hell am I doing? I have so much stuff to get done. Better focus, get back to it.

Last morning in Bozeman
Just an artsy close-up image of a flower arrangement at the wild crumb Bakery where I was showing the intricacies of cell phone photography to snuggles.

I got to get out for a quick walk and get some air. Oh yeah sure, this is a distraction, I mean procrastination. But if I clear my head I’ll get more done later. Right? Oh, wait a second! What is that stuck in the telephone pole? A saw blade? Wonder how that got there? I wonder if it’s a piece of art? I wonder …

Last morning in Bozeman
For some reason, I never saw this, a saw blade in a telephone pole, which marks the entrance to a small walking trail along Bridger Creek that we would often frequent.

Holy s***. I’m at it again. I just got to get all this stuff done. I know what is going on. I have gotten so much done up to this point it is all I can do. I’m full up. I need to take a break and clear my head.

Last morning in Bozeman
This is a table at the wild crumb Bakery where we would buy our sourdough bread once in a big while.

Maybe today will be a day where I don’t get much done. But one only has so much willpower. Maybe I’ll go and do something that I like. Like mountain biking.

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