Last Try

It’s hard for me to complain right now. Especially since I am out the door for some glorious single track. But I must. To reflect and remember. The last straw. The one last try … and our last failure. The damned forest service cabin bad luck streak.

Last Try
At this pace, we were set to arrive at the cabin around 1 AM

We have tried three times in the last two years to obtain forest service cabins and failed. This one, in particular, where we have waisted at least $120 in rental fees without ever stepping in the door.

The April days leading up to the adventure were fantastic. So much so I wondered if I should just take my regular mountain bike. We even left behind some heavy winter gear. It was going to be a spring fling to remember.

Last Try
From this point, it would be all walking. Pristine and remote, sure. Beautiful … sure. But to heck with this. I was tired of snow.

And no, I have not forgotten last year when a sudden snowstorm turned us around. But what are the chances that every year a storm troll sees us coming and brews up a special blizzard? Never … right?

Last Try
Waiting to suggest turning around

By the time I decided to turn around I had figured it all out. We were not welcome in these parts. Time to go home and pack. And to leave this valley. Sure we could have walked bikes until 2AM but that adventure has been done and really, l don’t think it is really that much fun.

Everything is so good right now. Knock on wood. And I must sew this up so I can go ride some great single track. It is interesting that when we moved into our situation in Bozeman it was considered the perfect setup. A cute little quonset hut and all this adventure to be had around us. But after being here in Livingston for about a week in our new place, I look back on this and think, wow we ran up against some pretty big obstacles. I feel great now and haven’t had vertigo or a migraine since we left. Maybe that cute little place we lived in has mold. Maybe we just didn’t gel with the people of Bozeman. It always seems like I was angry and people were always angry at us. Keep in mind that Snuggles got the double finger flip off one day. And the weather, well as funny as it sounds, seemed to always reject us. But that’s behind us now and this new adventure awaits. On the Sunny Side of the pass.

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