Birthday Party 3.0

Yea, so I did what I wanted to do is to go mountain biking for my birthday. And I endured the traditional party. Now a secret party were snuggles built me a cake without processed flour or any sugar. Those things smell like dirty baby diapers to me now.

Birthday 2018
Mo made this fantastic flourless cake without any sugar. Oh yea, tasty, BUT … I ate way too much. This baby is loaded with fat. I may have injured myself.

The only problem is that I wet wild and ate too much. I rolled around nursing a huge stomach all afternoon in a coma. Oh, but it was so good.

Why a third party? Well because we were home in Montana now and I had some cards sitting in the mailbox.

Birthday 2018
Birthday Cake … and I ate it too

Will I ever do it again? Naw … been there got that tee shirt. Eating an entire cake that is.  Maybe something more modest next time.

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