Birthday Ride

The sun was out as I sit awaiting my compatriots. I was wondering if I should have maybe splashed on some sunscreen. Just then snuggles came ripping by me. I snapped off a shot and stepped out of the way. Damn this single track was fun. And the grin on her face confirmed it. I jumped on my bike in hot pursuit.

Birthday Ride
Warren Ripping Corner

The O-Town Enduro was over. Snuggles showed up on Tuesday from a stint in New Mexico and suggested a birthday party. Whatever I wanted. Of course, that is a trap. That really means … let’s have a party. I would have none of it. Ok, well I did succumb to the darn party but what I wanted was a birthday ride. And we made that happen. Snuggles, Warren, and I.

Birthday Ride
Mo the ripper

We rode out to an overlook and ditched the bikes against a huge boulder to take a look at the canyon below. It sure was nice to be out with friends riding my bike.  I had just spent three mega ride days by myself and now I realized what was missing. Even though I didn’t know it at the time. Sharing such jewels with friends.

Birthday Ride
The Crew

Time to return back to base camp and it was not my idea. For we needed to get back for what was first suggested. A party, of course, gotta have a birthday party. What ever.

Birthday Ride
First one down

How did the party go? Ok, I guess. There were burgers. And beer maybe?  All I remember was that I was with friends Tacey, Warren, and the snugglenator. In the end, it is the experiences with friends that really matter. Except I seem to remember more of the times with friends spent on bikes.

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