Ogden Enduro Day 3

All the excitement in the world means nothing if your body doesn’t want to go along. At first, this seemed the case. I jumped on my bike and went to the first climb out of the Ogden neighborhood. The first punch upwards resulted in a ginger speed and … once to a certain heart rate, a little dizziness. Whoa, Nelly.

Ogden Enduro
Heading north

But forget the fatigue. As in normal fashion, I pushed the warning signs to the side and just rode. Wasnt long until I was immersed in the day. Sun, dirt, and knobbies. Nothing could take this day from me. Nothing.

Ogden Enduro
Looking North after the long climb in Coldwater Canyon

The sun burned down as I rode up Coldwater Canyon a 2.7 mile, 1,200-foot climb that took me to North Ogden Canyon. That did hurt, I will not lie. But the tiny decent and traverse to the canyon made me forget all perceived pain.

Ogden Enduro
Coldwater Canyon

The big Canyon with a road that goes to the Eden Vally.  I am sure all Ogdenites know this route. Especially if you ride road I figure. I headed up the gut which had a trail/jeep track route to the pass. My hopes were that once on the pass I could explore all kinds of options and trails. After climbing for an hour I ran into some cockleburs that literally stopped me from progressing. So many with such size and stick power that I couldn’t let go of my handlebars. My bike stayed upright and I did an effortless track stand. I was stuck in velcro hell. It took another hour or so to wiggle back out and extract the balls of spiny velcro.

Ogden Enduro
North Ogden Canyon

I did make the pass after hiking the bike up a trail with a sign to stay off when wet. Well, it was frozen and I did not ride. I hiked. When I got to the top it was apparent that my progress was all over for this climb. Too much snow. So I took to the powerline trail and bombed down stage 1.

Ogden Enduro
North section of Bonneville Shoreline Trail

2.3 miles 1,200-foot drop down stage 1 was a total treat.  I crossed the pass road near the bottom to climb North to the end of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. It ended in a parking lot near the town of Pleasant View.  I had run out of water and unfortunately, time was ticking off as well. I almost missed my cutoff to start the big stage 2 decent. Mostly downhill but it felt flat with tons of turns, jumps, and berms. Took me no time at all to get back to the North Ogden Canyon Road. I sat down to take a break and sip some water obtained, and steri-penned, from some stream I had crossed.

Ogden Enduro
Whoa nelly

I was sipping on the cold earth beverage and taking a little pull from a fruit snack when I was asked where I had been riding from a bystander. I rattled off the names I knew and pointed in the direction of the trails I didn’t.

Ogden Enduro
Cool area

“Wow … gosh, do you want a ride up the hill or something?”

“Naw, but thanks … I’m going to savor the rest of the ride back … um, just have to climb back over that beast”, pointing towards Coldwater Canyon.

Ogden Enduro
The terrain is rugged

The little tag of fruit chew and the gulp of water did the trick and I was suddenly feeling spry and rehydrated. One last big climb … and the best stage of the weekend was awaiting me at the top.

Ogden Enduro
Coldwater Canyon

The last stage of the weekend and the 3rd on the day is a 1,200-foot drop over 2.6 miles back to base camp. I perched at the top and reflected over my trip to Ogden. What a marvelous place to ride a bike. And what a great break from the winters up north. The best birthday present ever.

Ogden Enduro
Coming back over Coldwater Canyon

The stage was a ripper. My new knobbies biting into corners of pumice and rock. I got safely down and took first place in the screaming-with-excitement category.

Ogden Enduro
Pedal smasher

The epic weekend of adventure and dubbed Ogden Endro in my inner world was a total success. And my birthday the next day. What could top the last two days? So far this year … nothing.

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