Ogden Enduro Day 2

I was so excited to start day 2 I couldn’t contain myself. I hopped on my bike and I was on my way into the unknown. I had the entire day to just ride. And to make matters even more outstanding was the fact that the day was going to be absolutely beautiful. A stark contrast to the dark cold winter up north.

Ogden Enduro
The Spooky Woods of Ogden

The first stage, or adventure, was the Great Western Trail up Beus Canyon. Took almost the entire morning just to get all the way down the Bonneville Shoreline but couldn’t contain myself as I started up the climb. Absolutely fun trail and what a great rocky and technical stage back down. At the bottom realizing that I needed to resharpen the enduro saw. And … I lost my bar plug.

Ogden Enduro
Beus Canyon climb waterfall

No, wait! Someone found it on the trail and left it at the sign at the bottom. Probably lost it when I lean my bike against the sign for an Instagram pic. As I was taking the pic the bike shifted and fell off the embankment. Took me some time to extract it from the bramble.

Ogden Enduro
A grove on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Now it was time to head on over to Malan’s Basin and the Taylor Canyon Trail.  First I dipped down near the Weaber State Campus to do all the cool bike parky tracks. Super fun and really fun as I started to re-develop last years bike riding abilities. Long cold winters are hell.

Ogden Enduro
Climbing Beus Canyon

Taylor Canyon started out well enough. Mostly doable with occasional rock gardens. But when it turned to go up towards Malan’s Peak that is where things got sketchy. I fond myself climbing what seemed to be cliffs with water running off them. I have to be honest I really got frightened looking off the edge at times. There was no way in hell I was going to ride off this thing.

Ogden Enduro
Climbing in Taylor Canyon

But then I encountered other hikers who rooted me on and I actually did ride what I call stage two. I did dismount for one cliff but really surprised myself coming down that beast.

Ogden Enduro
View from Taylor Canyon

The day, really Taylor Canyon, started to show wear at my pace but the excitement was still there. Time for the Indian (didn’t name it) Trail in Ogden Canyon. My mind said TOTALLY but the legs started to feel heavy. I started up the last climb.

Ogden Enduro
Looking for Indian Trail

This thing was even scarier with some exposure. At one point a trail runner stopped to chat.

Ogden Enduro
Indian Trail highpoint

“Have you been up this trail before?”

“No, the first time.”

Ogden Enduro
View from Indian Trail

“Well … it gets … um … TIGHT.”

Any time you hear that with the way their voice sounds cautinary, well, maybe we should take heed. Of course, I continued. And at first, again, I figured they wer not aware of my abilities. But then my abilities ran out. To me to continue and feel safe I would need to take a pedal off to squeeze by on this snow-covered ledge. I turned and ripped stage 3.

Ogden Enduro
A little too sketchy as a fall could provide fatally … well to me … was worse then it looks

A ride through the Ogden bike park, uphill, filled up the rest of the day going back to base camp. The day’s numbers, 24 miles, and 6,500 feet of climbing. Barley respectable but the biggest ride I have done in ages.

Ogden Enduro
Passing Strongs Canyon

Recovery immediately started with some Pellegrino and a couple sweet potato chips. Day 3 was going to be even more epic and couldn’t exactly sleep well thinking about it.

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