New Stuff Immersion Distraction

New place, new town. Snuggles and I was out scouting the area to figure out where to park. A new chore is something one is faced with living in a downtown. I am thinking, super fun. Like living in San Fran or something. We stumble upon the library. Snuggles got excited.

Every day I have a new idea for a blog post, but every day I get busy. There is a lot to moving. Specially when you want to take advantage of all the new stuff. Like having my own private enduro training facility. I work and then disappear over to the 1000 ft drop with every gravity fed element one could wish for. And then there is Gils. And now the library.

What is a person supposed to do. Creativity is important, and so is working things out by writing. Maybe things will settle down soon. Maybe they will just get more exciting.

Ahh home … our new home. And snuggles has a place to escape “the cuddles”.

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