Mountain Biking Snuggles and Cuddles Caverns State Park

Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. A great place to ride a mountain bike. But only in the spring because in the summer there are lots of people and rattlesnakes. We all know that Lewis and Clark used to call each other Snuggles and Cuddles right? And then there was Sacagawea. Who we all know was the strong person for the entire Adventure. Sometimes, sometimes … they would take a break in the journey for a mountain bike ride.

Lewis and Clark trails
Most shreds the ribbon of dirt on a bluebird day

So these three standing on a hillside above the Jefferson we’re enjoying the sunshine and each other’s company. All the bikes were working except for one which had this skipping problem. But all in all is it been a long cold winter and they were enjoying the warm sun and being out on a mountain bike … finally.

Lewis and Clark trails
Looking down the valley at the Jefferson River

And after the ride there was relaxation. Hanging out with a beer and some potato chips. Grilling some meat. This is how things were back then. The simple fact that spring had arrived and they got together for a ride. Taken a break from the journey.

Lewis and Clark mountain bike trails
Friends, Sunshine, a couple beers, and a grill, best ingredients for the best day on the trails

These are simple times but make no mistake very very good times. And now that their adventure rolls on it must be said … that these get-togethers are the cornerstone to the adventure overall.

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