Social Security Cards

I need a valid social security card. What? Who has a valid social security card? Is that not the system that has allowed our identities to become so easy to steal?


I remember as a kid when I was so proud of my new card. It meant I belonged. I was a part of the greater good. I was a grown up and with my number, I was going to do grown-up things. I proudly kept it in my wallet until so faded it was becoming a problem. Then when I went back to college I was told to destroy that thing because if it fell into the wrong hands I could lose my identity.

Up and over

I was also told to never put that number on any forms and not give it away lightly. So I have kept that number close. Only giving it up when I really needed to. I even went so far as to get an alternative identity card to mask my original. Now someone wants that social security card. Have we not evolved?

Have a seat

And here is the kicker. Anyone can make their own and forge one. How hard is it to open a graphics program and make yourself a social security card? I mean if I were to do that how in the F#$k will the people wanting a photocopy (really …. arg) know you didn’t just do a fake? They cant.

Tire adjustment

It’s illegal … haha. Yea right, they can’t even run the country let alone enforce laws, some ridiculous. I don’t follow laws … I follow my conscience. So f-off those, that care.

Love this, low consequence

I can’t wait until the millennials get into power and start running things. I am sick of living with the old cavemen.  Only a matter of time. Tick-toc mother fudger.

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