And life goes on

This year I guess I am right were I am supposed to be. Not really in my best fitness but I am pretty fit. I am fit enough to ride all day and into the night. It is like breathing. This kind of fitness plays havoc on friendships. Come to find out, not EVERYONE wants to spend their entire life on a bike. Go figure.

Still looking for that someone. Or at the very least someone that exposes me to something more fun then riding a bike. Like that even exists. I am not going to dwell on that because it may not exist. So for now I just like riding.

Last night for instance I reportedly had some “chores” to do but once outside on my bike the sunshine hit my face. I found myself hitting every path and road in the greater Missoula area. Once home I went to bed to wake up this morning totally discussed disgusted. The chores did not get done and my training plan was ignored. Instead of a rest day I just had a Bill day. Some call it a Jill (Date with Pugsley) day but that depends on your alliances.

So today I will get to the chores, maybe, and I will train. But most of all I can assure you I will ride my bike.

Your Thoughts

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