Exhausted But Riding Strong

Been burning the candle and starting a training season is catching up slightly as I almost feel asleep after work last night. But I was able to shake it off and down two cups of coffee to get my ass out on the saddle for a two hour ride. I was able to cycle in the daylight for about 30 minutes. The new light actually made it through the ride last night but went out as I turned up my street to come home.

Last nights ride took me up Grant Creek with stints up Snow Bowl Road and a extra spin around town to lengthen the ride to two hours. I am already covering way too much ground on the road bike so will need to head out of town another way next time. Missoula is a tough road cycling town because most roads dead end out of town.

Work has been busy but I find myself wanting to go to work lately. We have worked some things out and so far I only have one boss and he has kept me working on strictly PHP and web work. Yea, work is becoming fun again. I am nervous that this will not last and I'll be waking up from the dream soon.

Tonight I do some strength training and I am planning a little catch up night where I rest and get caught up on things like bills and stuff for friends that I have promised.

So its on to my emails and then to work. Happy spring training folks!

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