The Weekend Cometh

Well! We have made it to that holy grail of life … the weekend. The possibilities are endless. Last night I did some strength training and got caught up on some projects. This weekend I am hoping to get in a bike ride and quite possibly a ski. What I do know is that I have 5 hours of spring training planned.

Talking about planning! I plan to get rid of the online calendar. I can not find a way to synchronize my PDA with my online calendar. I need to simplify my life before the season starts and the latest thought is to use just one calendar. So it is out with the web site events calendar. I know that no one uses it but me and I plan to bring the Lodge more towards just a blog. My dreams of a community site has to be killed in favor of my participation in a real community of real humans … bicycle racing and group riding.

Speaking of cycling, last night a cyclist was killed on Reserve street last night by a semi truck driver. I can attest to the stupidity of vehicle operators and specifically truck drivers. Just two days ago when I was on reserve street I was standing at a stop light and this semi truck driver came around the corner and did not even see me because he was on a cell phone. Isn't it bad enough we have people in cars on cell phones but now these massive machines with operators that are oblivious to their surroundings.

Your Thoughts

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