Cold Snap

Don't get me wrong; I can do anything without any discomfort compared your typical lazy ass human. And what do I care if you think I am lazy? According to our weather reports we are in the throws of a dangerous cold front that will see Butte at a high of 10 degrees below zero tomorrow. The wind chills outside are dropping into the negative 50s. So this is what happened after getting into work this morning after biking to work.

There is a person at work that we usually buy stamps from and she is on vacation. So I figured someone else was doing something like filling in while she was gone. I asked out loud, “who should I go to buy stamps”. I got the reply, “Albertsons”.

Ok so maybe getting stamps at work is being lazy. I wonder why it is even being offered. I only started getting stamps at work because someone stopped me from running to Albertsons and said, “Why don't you just get them from so and so”?

On a good note, hey it is going to be cold out today and we are supposed to get snow.

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