Oh Discordia

[image]Yea, it's cold outside! But it is nothing that has not happened before. It is my theory that we are de-evolving. Every one is a whine ass now and when a cold snap comes along or a snowstorm that “dumps” lol a measly foot … it's a disaster. Chill out every one. Oh yea, we are chilling out. Oh disaster, stay indoors. Me … I am whining about my injuries I sustained in a bike crash on Tuesday.

Yea, another crash! I was riding the railroad tracks by the gun range in East Missoula when I hit a patch of ice and went down hard (and even harder the older I get). So now I am sore and the cold seems to agitate it. So that is my bitch, whoa, I should be careful … ahh to hell with that. I am riding my bike to work today … why? Because I can! To bad most Americans are to “powder puff” to understand.

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