Had a Great Time in Montreal

Well, it is time to go home and I had a great time. It is snowing like crazy and I should be home around 7pm. I don’t know if Ill be able to updat this page so i am doing it now. I will be exhausted when i get home.

Yesterday we started at the I-Max movies on the port. We watched “Wild California”. It was pretty intense, specially when it showed a guy jumping from a helicopter. We then walked up to an Indian restaurant that I like. Yum, yum. Then we walked St. Catherine’s Street the rest of the night. I hit at least three coffee shops and had awesome coffees and cookies. Montreal was hosting “The Festival of Lights”. Weird, but cool pop culture artsy stuff. Just when we were getting tired we cozied down to the underground city. We ate Mexican and watches a water display for awhile. After a very long walk back to the car we headed home. A great time indeed.

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