Paul and Lucy in Glen Falls

Today I go up to Glens Falls to meet with mt friend Paul Bardis. We will spend the weekend together. I am excited and it should be a good time. Some places that I want to go include Muddy Waters in Burlington Vermont and the Indian resturant in Montreal the I like. I will also try to stop by and visit friends up in Plattsburgh when I go.

It is days like this that reminds you that when our dark days come upon us, we should keep in mind that there are better days. Dark days! Those are days when old feeling come rushing back and scare us. We feel needy, scared, ashamed, and unable to care for ourselves. I am speaking of those really dark days.

When this happens, it is hard to trust ourselves, our higher power, even our friends. We feel certain that the things we want in life will never happen.

It is these those days that we are convinced that others hold the key to our happiness. It is thoses days that we try to control people and everything around us. We do this to mask our pain but others may respond negatively.

Today is a day to reflect and to remember to realize this: Even if we could control things and people, even if we got what we wanted, we would still be ourselves. Our emotional state would still be screwed up in turmoil.

People and things can not stop our pain. We can do it using tools remembered on days like today. We can do it with our support systems (friends) and our higher power. When we get over these days and peace comes to us … it does so with ease and naturaliness. The sun shines, and it is a good day like today.

Let go and let god. Chill out, and if today is a gray day, it is only that. A gray day. It too will pass.

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