Surgery is a weird invented and done well in western culture. Docs can put us back together after the most horrific mishap. we should have great faith in them. I mean they know squat about diet and disease but other than that they are miracle workers. Much like our adventures. We go in and are well adapted to the terrain and self-sufficiency. We know squat about the weather, conditions, and the general unknown. But that is the pull to adventure. The great unknown.

Mo makes her way over the snow shoe tracks.

But when I hear the words “routine” I get nervous. Sometimes these great doctors who can put a body back together mysteriously run into mishaps. People are lost going into the most routine things.  Our adventure into Swan Creek reminded me of that. We thought a trail went along the creek but soon found out that we could not ride on a single set of post hole tracks.  But then we found another route that turned out to be what the doctor ordered.

Trail up was good, trail down sucked thanks to snowmobiles, not saying there is anything wrong with that

So I hope that if the routine procedure goes awry the docs are good enough to recover with an alternative plan.

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