He lives in  Kyiv Ukraine and spends his day pouring over data trying to connect the dots.  This morning he has decided to ramp up one of his projects. He has been withdrawing $90 dollars from a credit card account he was given by a counterpart who has an Amazon racket. This card number was fresh and thanks to data from the Equifax Breach he finally connected the dots and had a valid card to drain money from.

Around 2 in the morning he ramped up the campaign taking $500 from the account. Nothing happened and he received the money. All those 90 dollar withdrawals proved to be right. This person was not paying attention to their account. This William Martin from 1233 Story Mill Road of the country of Montana. A village named Bozeman.

“Я достал тебе свой маленький попугай”, he mused.

He hit the account again and was denied. His nostrils flared. Time to take action … the gig was up. He called the credit card company and used the breach data to gain their trust.

“Can I have the email login to my account reset, I no longer have that email address?”, his American was flawless.

“No problem sir … what do you want to change it to …”

In minutes he was logged into William’s account and went to work.  He changed the password and now the account was his.  It was now early morning in Montana and he had to work fast. He started a new banking account and now with full control transferred $1000 to it. It worked.


Then it happened. Suddenly his browser locked up. He was locked out of the account. He tried a purchase and was denied.

“черт’, he yelled and pulled the plug on his ethernet. Mr William Martin was pretty diligent after all.

“штопать так близко”

Back in the country of Montana William was on the phone with an agent who was assigned to the case.

“You assets are frozen and no one can do anything now …”

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