Nothing new here

I can remember as far back as the early 90’s where I would ride my mountain bike on snowmobile trails. Back then it was screws in tires and hefty strips of plastic to keep them from puncturing the tube. It was effective although I remember a ton of bruises on elbows and knees from going down on the ice.

As far as documented proof I can only come up with these 2011 images I suppose. But the technology never changed. Still had screw tires and walking was the norm.

Now my life is all about fat bikes. What a revolution that was. Wouldn’t mind going back … with my fat bike that is.

One thought on “Nothing new here

  1. OK, so I just rode into work. So f’n deep I couldn’t even ride my fat bike. Once I fell off and landed on, yes on, a barbed wire fence. I am taking bolt cutters tomorrow. That fence is going to go. No I don’t want to go back now. Now I want to move to the desert.

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