We tried to get farther but the rear differential went out and we had no traction. We could get more stuck then we were so we got turned around and found a good place to park. It would have to be bike-packing from here. Gosh, I assumed we would get farther.

Hells Canyon Guard Station
Far as we could get with Elle

Biking was easy for a while. But then the road started to turn wet, then snowy. Eventually it was obvious why we brought fat bikes. We reached the cabin later that night. The snow was just soft enough to encourage walking the bike. Darn,  it was a lot harder then we expected.

Hells Canyon Guard Station
Started up the dirt Road

We should know better, right? Never assume that it will be easy. Mo slumped in front of the newly built fire and I set about to get us some grub. Wow, I expected her to feel better.

Hells Canyon Guard Station
Transitioning to snow.

As we approach spring we should not have any assumptions. And we all know this. Just when you think that there is more light during the day. Or the snow seems to be melting. In Montana there is no such thing as spring. There are days that seem like spring but then the next 10 below and snowing. No, usually it just becomes summer one day and it skips spring. Just like that, sometime in July … it is summer.

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