Winter Role Reversal

We might as well take advantage of this place while we can. In a couple months we will be gone. I mean we won’t have a cross country ski area accross the street from us. Maybe we will though, never know where we’re going to end up in the Park. It’s right across the street for crying out loud. So convenient and of course I think we take it for granted.

I mean it is not Lake Placid or Canmore, dont let me prop it up that far. It is pretty but there’s no elevation gain so that is a bummer. Not to keep putting stuff down? If you put all the routes together it will total up to 3 or so miles. That’s enough for a quickie. So that is what we tend to do on a lunch break or something.

I usually follow snuggles around which puts our adventure rolls flipped. She is effortlessly gliding long like it is as easy as walking. I have to go anerobic to keep up.

When we are out on the bikes it is totally diffrent. She follows me around and slowly fades back as I efforlessly glid along the terrrain. She has to tatally go anerobic and put aside all fear to keep up.

Today is no diffrent. I watch her ski off into the distance as I settle into my slog. There is a reason I dont ski much. Talking about cronic cardio, this shit is hard.

After 10 minutes I am skiing alone. And I am completely aware that she is up there and probably wondering if she should wait up. Wondering if I fell and broke my neck or something. I mean, that is what I do when we are on the bikes. Wonder is she gpt a flat or fell.

I come into a clearing and slide up to a junction. No snuggles in sight. I’ll probably see her at home.

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