Eff It Dude

Holy shit, talk about a rut. Another bike ride in the neighborhood. Another round. I feel like one of those drunks sitting at the bar. Every day after work … another round.

Bridger Creek

I am not addicted or trapped. Shit, things are great and we have the freedom to do what we want. Every day it is the same though, I mean when we weigh our options. One day it is cold but no snow, next its warm and rain, then snow and warm, then something weird.

cool, no pun intended, winter black and white

To get us out and trying a backcountry ski, I know said I would never do it again, we need some snow that is conducive to some fun. Not slogging or unworthy of the commute to the mountains. Nothing that will send us to the ER with a torn ACL. Like a foot of fresh. Not cement or slush.

Spooky Woods

Then when it does snow we go skate skiing because it is across the street.  At least that is what Mo does, I can only do that every other day … I mean fat biking is much more fun. And well … there are trails in the hood.

Bridge over Bridger Creek

Back to the ski, if it would just cooperate. Like on the weekend. But usually it warms up and it is just not worth the changing conditions and sticking snow. It is easier to just head out into the neighborhood.

A sketchy section along the creek

Again with deciding to do the easiest thing at our disposal. Fat biking. Darn, I miss the dirt. I miss summer. This doesn’t happen in the summer. At least on the weekends, we have been trying to get out and find a snowmobile trail in good condition. Yes … we have trail passes.

Small trail alongside the creek

It’s like that scene in the Big Lebowski when Walter says, “fuck it, dude, let’s go bowling“. Whenever we find any excuse, any excuse at all, we do the same. Fuck it, dude, let’s go fat biking.


Maybe we should take some trinkets of great wisdom from the dude. I mean he is out there doing what he does for all us sinners.  We are sinners. Working too hard and falling in line. And this is what happens. With the little bit of energy, we are only able to get a measly bike ride in.


For once I just want to be out on a big bike pack adventure and run into some uptight person who asks me why I am, “biking on a weekday”. I want to look up and seem confused with the reply, “wait, what day is it?”

Usual stop to take in the Bridgers

Even though we are sinners we are trying to convert. For instance, we are downsizing and attempting to jack out. To stop sinning and being a slave to the norm. So we don’t get into the rut to just go for a neighborhood ride with what measly morsel of time it gives us.

Good conditions

A rut for now. But today … fuck it, dude, let’s go fat biking.



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