The Magic Hours

Leave it to mother nature to make the most out of any situation.

Morning rays

During the winter in the mornings, you awake with a frozen nose and reluctantly leave bed to try to start the day. We know that mother nature gives us magnificent sunrises. Especially during the magic hour when the sun is about to peek out over the horizon. So I motivate to rise.

Cherry Creek area can be bumpy but the sunsets are unbelievable

Then in the evenings when you are tired and everything looks bleak. Bleak because for me I get grumpy and mental energy is at its lowest. If we can get out on our bike for that last bit of light, as the sun dips behind some hills. We are treated by mother nature’s offerings once again.

Snuggles leads us out

Now all of this only pertains to winter. In the summer the days are long and everything about the earth is welcoming and fun. Winter, well, cold and unforgiving.

Morning sun on the trail through spooky woods

Oh, sure mother earth gives us some fun stuff during a winter’s day. Sometimes. Sometimes it storms and they are fun. Sometimes the sun comes out. That is rare.

Evening scene with mystical trees

But mostly it is the first and last hour of the day that is the best gifts in winter for me. Problem is motivation … no, having the faith … that getting out into it during these times will always be rewarding.


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