Rare Bozeman City Trail Visit

A ride after work is all we need for now. With moving and downsizing in full swing a sudden snowstorm prompts an outing to experience it first hand.

Encroaching development

And what better place then around town since most intelligent humans stay indoors during a storm.

On top of Petes Hill

Downsizing has gotten some momentum. We got rid of our futon/bed in the spare room so now guests must bring sleeping pads and bags. Soon we will be on sleeping pads in bags as well. The biggest baggage I have walked away from is the online info stream and constant news. The addiction to media. After one day I am getting feelings I remember from a happier time. I will continue to share and blog since it is part of my creative space. I push the crap, but will rarely go out looking for any online interaction. I like sharing.

Shell be coming around the mountain when she comes

It has been a while since we have been on our fatbikes in town. Some trails are not even open anymore due to snow accumulation.  I always suspected it was myself packing down trails every day that kept them open in the past. Funny, no one will even go down a trail unless someone else has blazed a path.

Kagy Corner

But there was enough good stuff that we made a loop of it. We only had to use the sidewalk for a half mile to get to another trail.

The library

So it seems my biking has paralleled the current life situation. Downsizing and not getting online much, just sharing from the phone one in a while. I love sharing. And not getting out on the trails here as much. I really like sharing the ride though. It was fun.

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