Goose Creek Gander

Winter outing is the goal. Getting out of the house and away from the media and just news in general. Isn’t everything so overwhelming? I can remember a time when all I did was bike and didn’t even know who was the president. Clueless. And maybe much better off.

Heading up towards Trail Creek Cabin

Oh, and a secondary goal of the day was to try out this new lens I got for my camera. Just like all new technology. Exciting. But it all comes at a cost. Having the media and news right in your hand and available at all times. And this new lens has its cost, come to find out, it was heavy.  But hopefully worth it.

Great trail conditions

We found perfect conditions. The snowmobile and ski traffic was pretty heavy and combined with the thaw and freeze recently it was set up perfectly. Didn’t even need to let a bunch of air out of the tires. I forgot to put my phone in airplane mode so it made this comforting sound. I so wanted to look at it to see whats up but instead just turned it off. The winter day again enveloped me.

A fork in the trail

Soon we reached our first junction and decided to hit the ridge to see what was up there. Just like when we get notifications and we check it out to see what is up. But this foray turned out beneficial. I got to try out the new lens. So much beauty. This lens would surely make it even more beautiful.  Enhancement of technology.

Hoar frost on the trees

The detour took us up to the top of a ridge where the hoar-frost covered everything. And as a big bonus, the sun was low behind the scene. I started snapping off photos.

Frozen in time

At the time I glanced at the results and the images looked spectacular. But something was askew. A little off. But I couldn’t tell in the field what was happening. I just snapped off more shots. Media and news are like that. Something is askew so you just look at it more. Next thing you know you have a pile of data?

Sun sets early in the winter

We left the ridge and rejoined our initial plan which was to ride to the Trail Creek Cabin. Hopefully, our distraction wouldn’t affect us getting to our goal.  Yea, like when you take a moment during work to glance at the news. It’s just a glance, shouldn’t affect getting any work done.

Low winter sun up on Chestnut Ridge

But as we discovered we were running out of light and needed to turn around. The sun was getting low and we did not have lights. Not a big deal, just to be out here was worth it. No goal needed.

Into the sun on Chestnut Ridge

The bomb back to the vehicle was fast and furious. The rest of the day a blur as our super focused eyes hunted down the trail for anything that would send our fat bikes off the trail. At these speeds, a snowmobile runner indent could be disastrous.

Great views from the FS road

Just like every day recently. Going along with grand ideas of things to do in a day to only get derailed by the latest news feed. These little sidetracks have been derailing me. Ruining my day. And resulting in a crash.

Taking a turn

Back at home, I couldn’t wait to see the photos I had taken. To see how my new lens affected my shots. They sucked. Distorted and blurred at the edges. Just like the media and news lately. This new technology did not enhance my shots only destroyed what I was trying to capture. Is this how a consistent tether to technology has affected my life? Instead of enhancement I am getting distorted and blurry view-port into life?

Looking towards the Absaroka

Maybe this lens is not the problem. I have never had any issues with a simple camera. I always seem to capture something I want to portray. I don’t need no stinking latest in lens technology. I don’t need any more media and news.

Into the sun on Trail Creek Road

I am going to try to use what I have and immerse in current life. Unsubscribe from Facebook and Twitter feeds. Stop listening and watching the news. Un-friending anyone with a political view. I am just jacking out. Just me and this camera I want to create my reality. And be more immersed in it. Without distractions. Without the paradox of progress and technology. Good luck with it all folks. Good luck.

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