Trying Something Diffrent

We have skis so why not go skiing? Is it not good to not get all caught up in one activity? So then we should take a break from biking and go skiing. And for that, we choose a nice little adventure in the Moser area.  In the summer we go mountain biking there so a nice little exploratory ski in the winter would probably turn out pretty good.

It started out pretty well and soon I felt this desire to do some turns down a slope. So we turned our climbing efforts into a more uphill direction and just headed up the ridge. That is about as much fun as we had because things started to turn sour.

On this beautiful day in January, the snow started to chronically stick to our bases. Double check … January. OK, so middle of winter right? What are the chances that we would have spring-like conditions? Not too bad. But it didn’t seem like spring and it wasn’t warm out. The sun was so warm that it was melting the snow I guess. OK, so one doesn’t have to be so cognizant of the conditions biking.

I mean the damn fat bike will go through anything. Snow, slush, mud, dust, sand, and dirt. Much simpler life on a bike. I so wanted this day to be over. I just wanted to go home. Why did we even try to get outdoors anyway?

We tried to salvage the day. Headed into the woods. Same thing. Tried to ski off the backside. Stuck to the ground like flypaper. Soo it was evident we needed to bail on the day and go into town and buy some beer. But the day was not over.

For an hour we tried to ski walk our way out. It was like doing some sort of sick heavy weighted leg extensions on a torture device. I even tried to take them off and boot it out. Snow was over my head. No walking today. Darn, could I get airlifted out? I told my partner to go and save herself and leave me to die. If she had enough time maybe she could send for help.

Yea, we finally made it out. Others at the parking lot were reporting the same bizarre stuff. F’this we were done with alternative winter sports. We have been fat biking since.  A day on the bike is a good day. A day doing anything else is a crapshoot.

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