Comfort Zone

I miss Missoula. Smooth trails that one can ride and dream at the same time. Here I am out of that element. I am not saying I don’t like being out of a comfortable setting. In fact, I would like to campaign for challenging oneself and stepping out of comfort once in a while. And this morning I am concentrating. Concentration makes one feel alive, doesn’t it? This morning the trail is rooty and slippery. A slip of concentration could mean a trip off the trail.

The contrasts are what make life exciting

This morning I woke up to a snow storm. By all means, there was enough qualifying data to suggest staying indoors. Instead, I decided to put my 29er downhill tires to test. These babies are supposed to stick to wet roots and have great grip in the mud. Time to see if that was true.

Keeping the focus through harsh conditions

One learns so much when being in unfamiliar terrain. Like goggles. Some people don’t wear them because they are not fashionable or they just don’t fit right. No one wants to look out through a fishbowl. But I have found that wet limbs and debris can smash a pair of fancy sunglasses into one’s skull. And I have learned that crashing at Enduro races usually involves flying handlebars and rocks. Goggles I have learned, are my friend.

Sometimes a good design is thinking out of the box

Why ramble about getting out of the comfort zone and learning new stuff? Discovering the true meaning of assumptions? I don’t know. Just that moving to Mammoth in YNP is just that. Some people find that holes in the walls are a bit disconcerting. For us, we can tell when the wind is blowing and at what velocity. And that one can’t just slip around a corner in a trail unless you want to find issues with big animals. Take precautions and be open. Be aware and be alive. A good life may just be leaving comfort and certainty behind.

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