This Isn’t My First Enduro

It’s my second.

Lolo Enduro
Top of stage 3

And so in trying to catch up on my blogging, I am about to discuss my second Enduro. Oh, yea and trying to connect last June to now (late September) to prove that life is the same parallel. As in “not my first rodeo”.  Get it? Like not the first time I am trying something new. Not new being scared. The unknown … AGAIN.  The feeling of “Oh shit, what am I doing” … AGAIN.

Lolo Enduro
Top of stage 1

So Enduro to me is enticing because it is the rock climbing of mountain biking. You study a route and then try to execute it. Combine that with group rides. It is NOT a physical fitness race. But then everyone wants to bomb the downhill. With bragging rights once everyone congeals at the bottom. A major change from a fitness competition which I am so used to. You mean the first one to finish today is not the winner? Wow!

Lolo Enduro
Hanging out with friends discussing our runs

Today, late September, I have to have issues with the way our society is set up. To trap us into thinking we are free and we have choices. Working for someone else and then giving all that money to another person. In return, we get tiny releases of emotional happiness. But then it fades and we go back to work to earn some more. Not freedom! In the end, we do have a choice and now we need to choose another path. We as in Snuggles and I. Time for change. You mean the one that earns the most money does not win? Wow!

Lolo Enduro
The Masters podium

My second enduro was even more awesome than the first. And I won, which is a bonus. But that isn’t what this post about. This is a new genre for me. With some familiar elements. Camping and hanging with like-minded folks. Actually, it reminded me of the good old days. What? I need an entirely different bike? Cool!

Lolo Enduro
Rise and shine, race starts soon

The first change this week is that I am pursuing being able to have a job where I am more flexible. Not just a butt in the seat job. One where I can work out of a transit hut in Yellowstone Park. And I am close to getting that. You mean I can work surround by nature? Cool!

Lolo Enduro
And I am off for another stage

This was my second race using new pads. Elbow, knee, and goggles. I have started to feel like a stormtrooper. After this race, I would go on to include a full face helmet and back protection. Maybe a sign that this is dangerous. Well isn’t life all about living?  Hell yea.

Lolo Enduro
I think I was mentioning how much fun this was.

People think they have to work to afford the house, car, insurance, and all life’s safety gear. Excuse me … I can live without a house. What do you think we do on the weekends? I mean if we are escaping all of the life’s necessities or safety nets every weekend then doesn’t it seem like life would be more fun without all that ownership? Hell yea.

Lolo Enduro

In my second enduro race, I wondered to myself, “where has this sport been all my life”. But then I always say that when I try something new. Does change bring about more adventure and is that why sometimes we find more pleasure?  Maybe.

Lolo Enduro

My goal in the near future is to make a drastic change. Sell everything off except what we can haul in an Element. Toning down ownership. Basically, what we do every weekend now. Just going full-time with the vagabond idea. Big changes true, but won’t it just bring more adventure? Maybe.

Lolo Enduro
Final stage start

So this new sport IS a big change. From a single all-out effort to an all-day adventure.  Instead of weekend camping to an all year camping adventure.

Lolo Enduro
The final sprint to the finish

The transition was not complete by my second race. No, it took all summer. Ending with a race in Big Sky with new skills and equipment. I had to learn along the way with the help of friends and patience. The second race in Lolo was just the beginning and one thing was for sure. I became committed. And now committed to moving out of a societal “roof over our heads” to a nomad life. First things first … like selling everything off. It’s going to take a while. I THINK we are committed.

Lolo Enduro
The transition

It’s not my first new adventure …

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