I wonder if anyone has ever seen something coming for a while but just procrastinated the time away until that something comes along. Like someone gives you evidence that the earth is warming and that eventually, we lose all our high altitude environments. Maybe that is a bad example because it is becoming true and really … we DID see it coming.

But why doesn’t anyone do anything about it?  I guess I don’t feel too bad now. I have to say that Mo and I have been discussing ideas. I just haven’t done anything about it. Since I have learned of the impending doom I have thought about it. About not working for anyone any longer. About needing to just do my passion and say fuck off to employers.

Since I have learned of this impending doom I have come to the conclusion that I do not want to work for anyone any longer. I want to just say piss off to employers and employment in general. Well, impending doom has happened. So now I must plan a way out or just become part of the problem. We got a couple scary ideas.

How about an adventure company out of Butte Montana that provides guiding and shuttles to some kick ass trails. Maybe the same idea but at Big Sky … or near here but not in Bozeman? Mostly myself doing all the hustle.

Or maybe Mo could be the main hustler. What about starting a media company?  Maybe I could provide the adventure. Travel around consult, live off of sponsors, and paid content?

Any other ideas?

Your Thoughts

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