What is Adventure?

I guess if I were to choose I would pick new adventures. When I go alone or with my adventure partner snuggles it is preferably doing something we have not done before. Don’t misunderstand though, I love a good bike park where I can rage down the same trail until I completely nail it. But is that real adventure?

Truman Gulch
Snuggles has had enough

Problem is when you live in an area for a little while you want to hit up your favorites. The issue is that we cant motivate to do them. Just doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. Doesn’t feel like a true adventure. So we eventually find something we haven’t done.

Wednesday Night Ride
The group climbing Leverich

This is where group rides come into play. I do all the yearly standards but with a group. The dynamic of groups is such that every ride is new. New people and new conversations. Sharing what we have done and just doing this old favorite together.

Wednesday Night Ride

We just love new adventures. The true adventure is something new. New experiences … alone or with others.

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