Rainy Day Doldrums

Ho hum, what is up today. It is hard to tell.  Snowing in parts of Montana with totals of 16 inches in some spots.  Some of us will get 3 to 5 inches of rain today.   That is as much as we get all year.  Everything seems weird.  It is supposed to get into the 50s today and I drove my car to work this morning.  Not because I am a wussy but because I cant get my bandages wet.

I am trying to revive an old friend, one that has taken me to two VT 50 wins, my Trek.  The old gal is still sexy with her carbon fiber weave and racy look.  I wish I was aboard her again back in the day.  These days everything is all washed up and down the creek.

The Thursday Night Ride is tonight but I can not attend.  I cant get my bandages wet but most importantly I don’t have a bike that I can go “mudding” in.  It is not summer yet, where is it, heck I am not even looking for it any more.

I heard on the news that gas prices will hit 5 bucks a gallon in a month or two, now that is depressing. Did anyone here that report that it may reach 12 dollars a gallon someday?  That will never happen because most people will find alternatives or just stay home.  I may just start riding to my races again.

*NOTE: “The word doldrums, which is almost always found in the plural, has several closely related senses. The earliest, ‘a dull, depressed mood; low spirits; depression’, is first found in 1811.” ~ D. Schreiber

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